Parliamentary Procedure

American Institute of Parliamentarians

Promotes the parliamentary means of resolving disputes. Parliamentary resources and articles presented.

California State Association of Parliamentarians

Advocates for rights protection through practical exercises on several situations related debating, voting, and making a motion.

Committee on Rules

Offers information about real parliamentary in action in this presentation of the United States House of Representatives.

Democratic Rules of Order

An official and complete parliament resource for meetings of any size.

GSG: Parliamentary Procedures

Facilitates student government's assembly meetings by maintaining fair and efficient order. They are based on Robert's Rules of Order.

National Association of Parliamentarians

Introducing the largest nonprofit organization of professional parliamentarians in the world. Information on services, activities, and membership provided.

Parliamentarian Jim Slaughter

Adverts the services of this certified and registered parliamentary procedure consultant and teacher.

Parliamentary Procedure Charts and Articles

Articles by Certified Professional Parliamentarian Jim Slaughter.

Parliamentary Procedure Guards Members' Rights

Josh Dobrian presents his reasoning on why parliamentarians can ensure smooth running meetings and keep them from becoming chaotic.

Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials Center

Comprehensive source for educational materials related to parliamentary procedure. Includes a glossary, mnemonics, e-bulletins, and frequently asked questions.

Parliamentary Procedure Online

Web-based reference dedicated to parliamentary procedure. Aims to promote the study and teaching of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised.

Parliamentary Procedure: Toward the Good Order of the University

Advice from Dr. John A. Cagle covers basic principles, abstentions, debate, hostile amendments, quorum, bylaws, invalid motions, and voting.

Parliamentary Procedure: Toward the Good Order of the University

Provides basic instruction on important topics in Parliamentary Procedure, an opportunity to ask a real Parliamentarian questions, and a link to questions and answers.

Robert's Rules of Order

Official site of the book that offers a simplified introduction to parliamentary procedure. Includes information about the authors, official interpretations, and a questions and answers section.

Robert's Rules of Order

Serves as a quick reference for the book of the same name. Features an outline of content and charts of motions.

Robert's Rules of Order Online

Features the fourth edition of General Henry M. Robert's book on parliamentary procedure and parliamentarians.

Survival Tips on Parliamentary Procedure

Serves as a guide to facing the technicalities of parliamentary procedure to avoid being victimized people who have personal agenda.

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