Asia News and Media

Asia Media

Published by the UCLA Asia Institute. Top news and stories from countries throughout Asia.

Asia Observer

Top news from newspapers throughout Asia including China, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand.

Asia Source

Offering the current news stories, food resources, editorials, events, and related links.

Asia Times

Asian news hub providing the latest news and analysis from Asia.

Asia Today

Offering a bulletin board, business news, travel, and commentary.

Asian Age

Offers current affairs and the latest news.


News and information portal with forums, weather forecasts, market updates, photos, videos, and feature articles.

Caucasus Times

A news and information agency focusing on human rights in the Caucasus and Transcaucasus regions. Includes news items and analytical articles.

CNN Asia

Covering top stories throughout Asia.

Regional news and information site from CNN provides daily articles on travel, lifestyle, shopping, hotels, and restaurants in Asian cities.

News agency specializing in political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus and their regional context.


News agency covering Asia, with special emphasis on the Central Asian countries of the former USSR, and their relations with China, Turkey, Iran, and Pakistan.


Government, education, and health care modernization publication focusing on Asia. Aims to identify opportunities for improving governance, efficiency, and citizen engagement.

Himal Southasian

Regional magazine with a coverage area that stretches from Afghanistan to Burma, from Tibet to the Maldives. Independent, non-nationalist, and pan-regionalist.

The South Asian

Covering Asian fiction, art, film, travel, and health.

South Asian News Agency (SANA)

News and current affairs coverage of South Asia particularly India and Pakistan.

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