Canada Arts and Entertainment

Artists in Canada

A national directory that contains artists, art galleries, associations, and resources.

Canada Plus

Movies, restaurants, businesses, Best of City polls, and additional area information for cities throughout Canada.

Canadian Media Production Association

Association representing screen based media companies across Canada provides details of membership, mentoring, government regulations and industrial relations.

Canadian Woodturners' Association

Provides education, information and coordination for individuals and clubs interested in woodturning in Canada.

CBC Network

Offers network news, weather, archives, and entertainment.

Costume Journal

The journal of the Costume Society of Ontario, published twice yearly.

Images Canada

Provides central search access to thousands of images held by participating Canadian cultural institutions. Includes photo essays, educational resources and themed topic explorations.

Night Photographer

Showcases images of abandoned buildings which were photographed and posted by the author. Also contains descriptions of the images presented.

Ticketmaster Canada

Venue information, seating maps, and online ticket purchases for events and concerts.

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