Amateur Astronomy

Alpha Centauri’s Universe

Contains collections astronomical images, articles, film clips, and monthly publications.

Amateur Astronomy and Space

Shows celestial photos, digital imaging information, and related links.

The Astro Pages

Polls, photos, articles, telescope making, observer's logs, astrological calendar and related resources.

Astro World

Features astronomical images, film clips, mathematical statements and formulas, and related links.

The Astronomer

Magazine for the advanced amateur aiming to publish all observations of astronomical interest as soon as possible after they are made.

Astronomical Observatory Plomin Croatia

Shows article collections, image gallery, variable stars catalog, equipment details, and links.

Astronomy Awards

Collection of resources for the budding astronomer.

Astronomy Boy

Features here for newcomers, for do-it-yourselfers, for deep sky observers, and for astrophotographers.

Astronomy Clubs

Online directory of different astronomy clubs, planetariums, and observatories worldwide.

Astroscopic Labs

Contains article collection, equipment evaluations, list of cameras, and related links. Also shows list of celestial objects visible during a particular time and day.

Backyard Astronomy

Amateur astronomy resource providing equipment recommendations, telescope viewing information, and a blog from the author.

Backyard Astronomy

Supplement to the book. Contains updates to the book, product reviews and recommendations.

Bad Astronomy

Articles and forums debunking astronomy myths, misconceptions, and pseudoscience.


Offers 3D space simulation software for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Includes news, documentation, screen shots, and add-ons.

Cool Scopes

Provides information about the types of telescopes and eyepieces, and the methods prevalent in astrophotography.

Curious About Astronomy?

Sites posts visitor submitted questions and answers from a Cornell Astronomer.

Dabson Astronomy

Provides information about equipment and projects as well as tips on assembling telescopes with photos. Also displays an image gallery and related links.

Statistical information on the sun, moon, and planets. This includes lunar phases to 2035, rise and set times, magnitudes, phases, RA and DEC positions, distances, and much more.

Hands-On Universe

Educational program that enables students to investigate the universe while applying tools and concepts from science, math, and technology.

Ice in Space

Online amateur astronomy community featuring forums, projects and articles, equipment reviews, images, and related links and resources.

Night Sky Info

Provides weekly highlights of what astronomer's can expect to see in the night sky.

Night Sky Observer

News, articles, links, online shopping, software, and links for amateur astronomers.

Rick Costello Space Art Paintings

Displays a collection of space art paintings created by the astronomy art enthusiast.

Rogue Astronomers

Features an article that provides details about the double star Algeiba. Also contains FAQs, observation reports, glossary, and related links.

Silicon Sky

Project links, AstroWeather, comet observing, links of interest, and additional resources.

Exhibits news updates, articles, photos, observing aids, a glossary guide, and FAQs. Also includes details about astrophotography and other astronomical equipment.

Stargazing Network

Dedicated to provide free webpage hosting just for the Astronomy Community.


Features the various types of equipment used by the amateur group. Includes detailed specs and photos of the devices.

What's Up: Observatory in Eilat

Accommodates visitors who are interested in viewing the moon and planets through their dark sky safari service.

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