American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology

Provides space biology research and education resources.


Contains various articles on astrobiology. Also shows archives of news and directory on the subject and life science.

Astrobiology – Integrated Science Approach

Provides details on the course structure and contents as well as information on the benefits of learning the subject.

Astrobiology at Arizona State University

NASA Astrobiology Institute affiliated group conducts research about the origin, evolution and distribution of life in the Solar System.

Astrobiology at the University of Washington

Organization that investigates the multidisciplinary factors influencing the origin and evolution of Earth and beyond.

Astrobiology Magazine

Features articles of studies on Earth Science development distribution of life in universe.

Carnegie Institution of Washington

Association that encourages research, investigation and discovery of knowledge to the development of mankind.

Cosmic Ancestry

Contains a collection of articles that explain the theory that life on earth originated from organisms coming from outer space. Also contains FAQs about the theory and rarely asked questions about Charles Darwin's theory about evolution.

Introduction to Exobiology

Features discussion about the search for the origin of life on the Earth and the universe. Also contains a self-quiz related to the study.


Showcases various research made by the editor. Includes data on Exobiology, Cosmology, and Lunar Resources.

Net Advance of Physics

Presents articles on the study of bioastronomy along with details on exobiology and the origin of life.

The New York Center for Astrobiology

Promotes education and research in all fields of Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, and Astrophysics. With details on programs publications.

Penn State Astrobiology Research Center

Research facility established to provide information in the field of Astrobiology.

The Planetary Society

Organization dedicated to space exploration and the search for life on other planets. Site offers news, podcast downloads, and information on the society.

Science at NASA

Features program by Doctors Tony Phillips and David Noever entitled “Life on the Edge” designed to gather data of life in extreme environments.

Shade Tree Physics

Showcases reading material by Robert Fritzius entitled “A Search for Evidence of Interplanetary and Atmospheric Microbial Delivery System”. Shows diagrams of synodic period and the Venus Influenza Hypothesis.


Resource for information on how cosmic contributions affected the evolution of intelligent life on Earth as well as insights on the Big Bang and Relativity Theories.

Tulane Environmental Astrobiology Center

Presents inquiry studies on the effects of space travel upon the human body and the use of microgravity to study basic biological phenomena. Also includes details on other research projects and purposes of the center.

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