Biology Products and Services

EdgeBio Systems

Specializes in DNA sequencing reaction cleanup systems. Site provides product information and technical support.

Electrolab BioTech

Manufacturer of bioreactors and fermenters for cell culture analysis and bacterial cell growth, gas analyzers, fermentation software and laboratory equipment.

Flowgen Bioscience

Offers materials and equipment for genomic and proteomic laboratory analysis.


Presents biotechnology products for scientists in the areas of molecular biology, immunology, and cell biology.

GW Lab

Featuring a wide range of glass coated wire products.

GWC Instruments

Features a wide range of label-free analysis systems for researchers in proteomics, drug discovery, and genomics.

GWC Technologies

Specializes in manufacturing detection systems and sensor chips.

Idaho Technology

Privately-owned company offering products for pathogen identification and DNA analysis.

Idaho Technology

Privately-held company specializes in the distribution of pathogen identification and DNA analysis systems.


Biotechnology company focusing on the discovery and development of drugs for cancer, diabetes, and inflammatory diseases.

Microtissues Natural 3D

Offering an advanced 3D cell culture product, the 3D petri dish.


Sales, marketing and distribution company for biotechnology research and diagnostics products.

November Research Group

Provides drug safety training and pharmacovigilance software solutions for the life sciences industry, including pharmaceutical companies and biotech labs. novresgroup

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