Biology Software Biology Software

Provides information on and links to a number of biology software including those developed for anatomy, physiology, genetics, and molecular modeling.

Accessible Retired Computers in Biology (ARCiB)

Project intended to provide transitional support for software packages at Dowling College, particularly those associated with structural biology.

Automated Codon Usage Analysis Software (ACUA)

Insilico codon analysis software with a Visual Basic based interface. Supports positional nucleotide, statistical codon, and interactive analyses.


Biological sequence alignment editor developed for Windows. Features an intuitive multiple document interface, sequence manipulation and analysis options, and links to external analysis programs.

Biological Specimen Inventory Systems

Provides inventory and tracking software for managing biological specimen.

The Biology Software Lab

University of Oregon's developer of educational software tools that facilitate conceptual learning and open-ended scientific inquiry.


Biological databank management workflow engine designed to automate the update cycle and supervision of a locally mirrored databank repository.


Software tool for calculating and visualizing centralities for biological networks. Reads and writes networks in different formats.

Lemna Tec

Image processing applications for biology and ecotoxicology.


Software company specializing in the development of software tools for reference management related to biology and life sciences.

Newbyte Biology Software

Features a number of biology software for IBM and Macintosh computers. With screenshots and descriptions.

Simbiotic Software

Offers virtual laboratory programs that enhance biology education at the K-12 and college levels.

Spellex Biotech

Bioscientific spell checker for Microsoft Office, Adobe, Tablet PC, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer, and handheld devices.

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