Chemical Synthesis Database

Searchable database of chemical substances gives the chemical structure, density, boiling and melting point, CAS registry number and synthesis references.

Portal to information and resources about the chemical industry. sciencebase

Combinatorial Chemistry Review

A brief introduction to the area of combinatorial chemistry and source of biologically active compounds used in drug discovery programs.

Organic Syntheses

Describes checked and edited experimental procedures, spanning a broad range of synthetic methodologies, and provides chemists with new or little known experimental procedures.

RSC Timeline

Introduction to key events in the history of science with particular emphasis on chemistry. Visual presentation with dates, pictures, and links to further information.

WebElements Periodic Table

Online periodic table featuring element information and structure. periodic_table

Wired Chemist

Chemistry, mineralogy, environmental chemistry, and NMR resource site. Features pedagogical animations along with modules on vital chemistry topics.

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