13th Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology

Details on the 2012 session include news, deadlines, call for papers, events, and general public access.

Biology Online: Ethnobiology

Archive of scholarly articles and papers on past and present human interactions with the environment.

Halkomelem Ethnobiology Web Site

Offers various information concerning the plants and animals of southwestern British Columbia and the Halkomelem people.

Indiana University: Ethnobiology

Covers introduction, definition, methodologies, associations and organizations, subdisciplines, and journals.

International Society of Ethnobiology

Global organization furnishes goals, history, code of ethics, fellowships, congresses, news, and programs.

Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine

Open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to promoting the exchange of original research and knowledge in the ethnobiology and ethnomedicine fields.

Open Science Network in Ethnobiology

Volunteer database of educational resources in the field of ethnobiology covers institutions, modules, curricula and syllabi, resources, and how to help.

Papers in Ethnobiology

Collection of research papers and journal articles on ethnobiology topics.

ProDiversitas: Ethnobiology Code of Ethics

List of principles that serve as guides in the ethical conduct of ethnobiology.

Society of Ethnobiology

Non-profit professional organization studies human cultures and the environment.

Swiss Ethnobiology Network

Founded in 2007 to facilitate networking between related disciplines. Covers purpose, members, projects, studies, and media.

You Think I Therefore Am?: The Ethnobiology and Ethics of the Haitian Zombie

Article explores use of local botanicals in Voodoo rituals.

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