Cognitive Science

ACT-R Research

Cognitive architecture and a theory for stimulating and understanding human cognition, constructs reflect assumptions about human cognition, and features workshops, publications, models and links.

Austrian Society for Cognitive Science

Brings together researchers from various disciplines, and acts as a platform for organizing interdisciplinary colloquia, conferences, supporting and establishing research cooperation and programs.

Brain and Behavior

Features interactive exhibits, resources, notes for talks, insights and forum.

The Brain from Top to Bottom

Extensive resource on the human brain and behavior, organized by category, and offering explanations for beginning, intermediate, and advanced readers.

Brain Mysteries

Organizes a variety of articles dedicated to exploring "consciousness". Organizes articles related to ideas, research, and discussion on the topic.


Project aimed at accelerating the development of neuroscience through web-based initiatives. Seeks to build neuroinformatics tools, services, and databases.

Celebrities in Cognitive Science

Writings by and about leading thinkers in cognitive science, critics and observers of the philosophy mind.

Cognitive Science Society

Brings together researchers from many fields who hold a common goal in understanding the nature of the human mind and promotes scientific interchange in disciplines of cognitive science among researchers.


Contains self-archive papers in any area of psychology, neuroscience, linguistics and computer science, contact information, user's area and links.

Dictionary of Cognitive Science

Contains definitions and learning about the basic concepts of cognitive science.

European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music (ESCOM)

International nonprofit organization created to support experimental, theoretical, and applied research in the cognitive sciences with a particular focus on applications in music.

Human Cognition in the Human Brain

Contains texts about cognitive psychology, works of human cognition and discussions.

Mental Models

Focus is on the mental model theory of thinking and reasoning, and feature introductory references, researchers, publications and critics.


Provides general definition of modularity and non-modularity in neutral networks, project information, links and bibliography.

Sandia National Laboratories’ Cognitive Science and Applications

Undertakes research and development activities and provides solutions related to technology and human cognition applications.

Sharp Brains

Market research and advisory company focused on providing research based information and guidance for the brain training and cognitive fitness market.

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