Bell Curve: Anatomy of an Analysis

Examines logistic regression, statistical output and interpretation found in 'The Bell Curve'. Includes abstract, documentation, variables, subjects, analysis, and the analyst.

BGSP Research Resources

Collection of resources to aid research for psychoanalysis and allied disciplines, evaluation and program development.

General Semantics

Research including articles, links, and information on general semantics.

Latent Semantic Analysis

Fully automatic mathematical and statistical technique for extracting and inferring relations of words and applies singular value decomposition.

Max Weber's View of Objectivity in Social Science

Essay that contains facts and values, standpoints and approach to value-free social science.

Measuring Paradoxical Reality

Presents polymetric analysis, terminology conventions and polymetric perception in social research.


Research about methods and techniques on transformation, problem solving, acquiring knowledge, classification of information, education, and positive creative management skills.

Resources for Methods in Evaluation and Social Research

Contains free resources, survey, focus groups, sampling, interviews and other methods, links and basic guides.

RM Institute - Research Methods

Develops technologies to optimize social measurement, predictive modeling and learning, and provides publications, programs and platforms.


Article that explains the theory and analysis of vytvorology as an extension of physics and exact science of social and individual human processes.

Web Center for Social Research Methods

Presents resources and links, knowledge base, research center, research synthesis gallery, simulation book, selecting statistics and tutorials.

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