Urban and Regional Planning


International community for architects, planners, urban designers, landscape architects, conservationists and scholar that focuses on Muslim cultures and civilizations.

Ask Nature

Collaboration forum and biomimicry design portal of biologists, engineers, designers and other innovators for building green and problem solving by looking to nature.

Building Better Communities Network

Features managing community concerns, barriers to development, newsletter, discussion board, news, forum posts and resources.

Center for Land Use Interpretation

Research organization involves in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues.

City Mayors

Provides informational resources for the international network of professionals working to promote strong cities.

Great Streets

Features Main Street profiles, elements of design, examples of town planning and urban design, and provides useful images, slide presentations and workshops.

Land Use Law

Provides links to article and case archives, ordinances, plans, statutes, supplementary materials and photos.

Neighborhood Planning

Attempts to interconnect approaches to town planning and architectural design in the overall context of neighborhood planning.

Resurfacing Safety Resource Allocation Program (RSRAP)

Provides programs info, announcements, and downloadable software and relater materials pertinent to Midwest Research Institute's RSRAP.

Transit Oriented Development Advocate

Presents transit oriented development case studies, a list of related programs and projects, and a host of pertinent transit resources.

Transport Blog

Advocates for a free market in the transport sector via discussions. Various categories of blog postings presented.

Transport for London

Introduces the concept of congestion charging. Presents information on payments and penalties, exemptions and discounts, and related questions and answers.

Transport Model for Scotland

Serves as a transport and land use modeling tool and database helpful for inter-urban road and public transport assessment.

Transportation Research Board

Presents a collection of publications as compiled by the Transporation Research Board of the National Academies.

Urban Curators

Documentation of interesting areas in urban environments.

Walk to School

Official site of the Walk to School program provides news, downloadable resources, and campaigning tools.

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