Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration

Airport Noise Report

Weekly newsletter on litigation, regulations, and technological developments.

Acoustical Society of America

International scientific society in acoustics aims to augment and diffuse the knowledge of acoustics and its practical applications.

Acoustics - Aalborg University Department of Electronic Systems

Section of the educational institution that deals primarily with the study of the transmission, propagation and generation of sound from various sources.

Acoustics - National Physics Laboratory

UK-based institution that undertakes research and development for products in ultrasonics and underwater acoustics. Conducts consultancy and setting of standards for the industry.

Acoustics and You

Question and answer presentation on getting or engaging in a career in Acoustics.

Applied Radar and Sonar Technologies GmBH

Learn about the activities and services of this organization that specializes in the development and production of systems in radar and sonar technology.

Architectural Acoustics and Lighting

Presents definitions and the concepts of architectural acoustics, noise control, architectural lighting, and audio systems for infrastructure.

Art Ludwig's Sound Page

Discusses the concept of sound, music, the hearing system, room acoustics, sound system design, and the physics of sound.

Dynamic Spectrograms of Music

Discusses and exemplifies the principles or science behind music through visualization or illustrations.

Hearing Damage and Loud Music

Learn how loud is loud music and get to know the negative consequences of it.

Interactive Sound Information System

Used for noise management issues as a standard measurement tool capable of mixing digital recordings, graphic imagery and sound control.

SARA/CAATI Sonar Technology

Comprised of a signal processing software and hardware components built to measure multiple angles of arrival in the existence of noise. Developed from the School of Engineering Science at Simon Fraser University.

Science of Music

Offers exploration of the science of music. Find online exhibits, movies, and questions concerning music.

Sound and Vibration

Magazine on noise and vibration control. With discussion forums, downloadable items, and a host of related free information.

Provides consulting and educational services in acoustics, shock and vibration, signal processing, modal testing, and finite element analysis.

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