Food Preservation Canning and Bottling

BallĀ® Canning and Preserving

Resources from Ball Canning Jars for all experience level of canners. Includes recipes, safe handling of food, classes and newsletters.

Canning and Preserving Food

Resource for canning and preserving recipes, cookbooks, and information on preparing, cooking, and processing fruits and vegetables for canning.

Canning Basics for Preserving Food

Addresses safe methods, foods, water bath and pressure canners, jars and lids, utensils, and home canning recipes.

Canning Center

Provides information on canning jars and supplies. With a canning forum.

Canning Foods at Home

Clemson Cooperative Extension describes safe canning methods, preparation, packing, steps for water bath and pressure canning, and safe handling.

Canning Pantry

Offers canning techniques and information on other methods of food preserving such as freezing, pickling, and dehydration.

Canning Recipes

Collection of canned fruit and vegetable recipes. With how-to articles related to canning.

Canning USA

Information on how to can fresh foods with a list of pertinent recipes.

Home Canning

Get to know the basics of canning, find answers to frequently asked questions, and learn how to can fruits, vegetables, and meat.

This site offers canning advice and recipes, as well as listings of farms where you can pick your own produce.

Safe Methods of Canning Vegetables

Reviews basics, equipment, preparing vegetables, jars, processing times, and preventing botulism.

Unsafe Canning Methods

Information about health-hazardous canning procedures from the University of Wisconsin.

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