Food Preservation Drying and Dehydrating

Backwoods Home: Food Drying

Article discussing solar drying equipment and methods for processing fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Barlow Scientific: Drying Food

Features drying methods, recipes, and pretreatments of fruit, vegetables, and legumes.

Dehydrator Book

Offers food dehydrator reviews and recipes.

Dry It: Recipes

Collection of food dehydrating tips, techniques, and recipes for fruit, vegetables, meats, herbs, nuts, and seeds.

Drying Food

Relates food drying basics, equipment, methods, as well as details for fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats. Includes storing and using dried foods.

Drying Vegetables

Factsheet from Colorado State University discussing vegetable selection, proper use of drying trays, nutrition, and drying techniques.

The National Center For Home Food Preservation: Drying Food

Series of factsheets covering sun drying, jerky making, producing fruit leathers, and drying edible seeds. Drying

Presents the different ways to dry food. Provides information on dehydration, sun drying, smoking, and oven and air drying.

Quality for Keeps: Drying Foods

Explains benefits, selecting a dehydrator, nutritional value, methods, procedures, knowing when food is dry, and safe storage.

Using Dehydration to Preserve Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats

Shares benefits, how dehydration works, basics, preparation, methods, safety, and jerky marinade.

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