Coordinate Metrology Systems Conference

Relays updates on scheduled activities sanctioned by professionals in the industry working to develop processes in the field.

Federal Office of Metrology

Administers the distribution and fabrication of metric instruments used in different industries requiring gaging operations.

Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements

Cites the origin of its establishment as a firm developing solutions for measurement problems and related quality monitoring issues.

International Bureau of Weights and Measures

Develops policies for the standardization of measurement system in a global scope of operations. Includes updates on recent events sanctioned by the group.

International Temperature Scale of 1990

Technical reference for the gauging system including a list of reading materials, description of training courses and links to related sources.

Metrology Corporation Malaysia

Provider of verification and re-verification services for all weighing and measuring instruments used for trade or industries in Malaysia. Issues certificates and test reports.


Classified directory of related links, service providers and technical references for subjects concerning calibration and quality industries as well. Provides discussions as well.

National Institute of Metrology Thailand

Organized administering authority in the country providing services in the industry. Includes description of handled projects.

National Measurement Institute

Australia's governing body that oversees gauging methods for chemical, biological, physical and legal applications.

National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA)

Maintains the SI units and develops primary scientific standards for physical quantities for South Africa to ensure global measurement equivalence.

Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

Scientific and technical institute engaged in metrology industries on a national level of operations.

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