Military Science


Searchable site of aerospace and defense resources including full-text technical reports from NASA.


Studies modern history and examines how advances in military technology have developed the modern life.

Presents defense industry projects, feature articles, press releases, news, white papers, videos, as well as events and exhibitions.

Center for Advanced Military Science

Aims to provide military and civilian officers with the knowledge and understanding of military science and defense technology through courses, meetings, conferences, and media reports.

Center for Contemporary Conflict

Offers analysis of current and emerging threats to US national security, in the form of briefings, conferences, publications and official e-journal.

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Research and development office for the United States Department of Defense created to maintain the technological advantage of the US military and to anticipate technological developments that may jeopardize the country's security.

Dictionary of Military Terms

Browse through this U.S. Department of Defense database for terms, acronyms and abbreviations.

DSO National Laboratories

National defense research and development organization of Singapore. Works to enhance the country's combat capabilities and ability to prevent potential threats.

Eng-Tips Forums: Military Engineering

Specified discussion for professionals involved in the study. Presents topics on employment and technical matters.

ETS News

Covers articles and in-depth news and analysis of all aspects of military equipment, training and simulation.

Jane’s Information Group

Independent organization that retails intelligence and analysis on defense, homeland security and risk developments for governments, militaries, business leaders and even academes.

Journal of Electronic Defense (JED)

Publication of the Association of Old Crows (AOC) offers updates and information on technology, trends, and developments in the field of global electronic warfare.

Military Parade

Russian magazine shows currently published materials with an abstract of news updates. Also has an archive of past issues.

Nuclear Blast Damage

Technical reference for the impact of the weapon with details of other related technologies.

Source for Environmental Data Representation and Interchange

Technical information regarding the standards imposed in the system created in order to use environmental data.

U.S. Army Research Laboratory

Integrated army research and analysis center with in-house technical experts and cooperative ties with academic and industry partners.

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