Church-State Relations

A Little Bit of Inquisition

Personal essay cites religion issues in the localities of America.

Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty

Educates religious and business leaders in economics principles, and the connections that exist between virtue and economic thinking.

Advocates International

Presents a map of the various Advocates groups all around the world.

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Contains news releases, books, videos, membership info, and a directory of chapter offices.


Site of Children's Healthcare Is a Legal Duty Incorporated, a non-profit national membership organization established to protect children from abusive religious and cultural activities.

Church and State

Discusses the crisis that arises from state intervention over religious liberty.

Church State Law

Houses an archive of articles related to religious liberty. Presented by the Religious Institutions Group at Rothgerber Johnson and Lyons Club LLP.

Church vs State & Faith Based Initiative Debate

Conveys the message of opposition to religious involvement in the American public schools and government.

Cross Currents

Get to know religion, politics, and the State from a cross-cultural perspective from this article by N.J. Demerath and Karen S. Straight.

Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network

Offers an array of resources pertinent to religious rights, legal matters, and a directory of religion rights contacts.

Enlighten the Vote

Nonpartisan atheist organization working to elect atheists in public office. Endorses and raises funds to support atheist candidates as well as secularists who share the same sentiment.

International Coalition for Religious Freedom

Group dedicated to defending religious freedom for all. With news and links to related pages.

International Religious Liberty Association

IRLA is an NGO with an international network, having national associations in 80 countries including Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Russia.

The Manhattan Declaration

Collective call to the Christian conscience for supporting the principals of religious life.

National Committee for Amish Religious Freedom

Provides general information about the organization. With a frequently asked questions section.

Oslo Coalition

Coalition of experts and representatives from the religious and other life stance sectors, academia, and civil society. Seeks to advance freedom of religion and beliefs.

Supreme Council of Ethnikoi Hellenes

Nonprofit organization created for the moral and physical protection and restoration of the Greek Society's polytheistic ethnic religion, tradition, and culture.

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