Women Gamers


Features the threefold feminine empire – virtual, spiritual, and terrestrial.

Flare Gamer

Community for women who enjoys videogames.

Frag Dolls

Features a team of girl gamers created and sponsored by Ubisoft. Includes information on each of the members.


Caters particulars for female gamers, it presents game reviews and gal gears.


Female gamers online resource for forums and other related information.


Browse through forums, review, previews, and membership details.

Girl Game Zone

Offers games search engine for female gamers with information on various games on console.

Girl Gamer

Web-based community and magazine dedicated to female gamers.


Discussion forum for girl gamers with downloads and arcade games.


Encapsulates game reviews, featured articles, strategy guides and game downloads.

Gurl Gamer

Presents forums and profiles, as well as links to artworks and graphic designs.

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