Soccer Directories

360 Soccer

Contains a wide range of information and resources dedicated to soccer.

Albion Road

Encyclopedia of the world's soccer and football clubs, translations and explanations of team names, foundation dates, stadiums, nicknames, uniforms, emblems, trophies, rivalries and traditions. .

Facts about the football directory, which contains links to clubs, fan sites, players and related information all over the world.

Club Soccer

Presents a directory of club sides from all corners of the world.

Cosmopolis Soccer Links

Official links to clubs, federations, leagues, publications and players.

Elsporto Football Links Directory

Information on offerings, clubs, PC games and shopping.

European Football Clubs

Contains a listing of football clubs from UEFA countries.

FA Premiership Football Teams

Details about the English Soccer Teams English Football premier league facts and figures honors and managers. Major League Soccer

Presents the Major League Soccer's current events and links. Includes official team pages, sport links directory, site map and contacts.

Shows football chat, live scores, ringtones, shopping and other links.

The Football Directory

Includes sporting index, organizational history and related links.

Football Finder

Contains subject index, back board, Gridiron guide and hockey.

Football Resources

Database of a wide range of football sites worldwide.

Football Websites

Guide to a wide library of UK football sites.

Global Football Database

Guide to information on various leagues with links to players, clubs, forums and directory.

Contains resources for youth soccer players and coaches. With information on camps and tryouts.

My Soccer Links

Human edited directory with listings of quality soccer sites.

Soccer Corner

Holds a library of soccer links from different categories.

Soccer Highway

Online directory for a wide range of soccer resources.

Soccer Links

Directory of different football websites.

Soccer Net Top 20

Features a listing of the most popular and highest-rating sites devoted to soccer.

Presents links and information to various soccer sites and categories.


Football directory to websites of most known football organizations and other football sites worldwide.

Searchable database featuring a wide range of soccer related sites.

Supporter Sites

Provides a wide listing of sites and resources from soccer supporters.

Information resource and directory on English and Scottish football leagues.

Youth Soccer Tournaments

Access to links and information on various soccer tournaments around US and Canada.

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